HSN here we come!

It’s finally here! HSN will be airing the GLITZ segments within the next 24 hours! We are super excited. Laura is in Florida now and will introducing and demoing the HSN kits.

To watch it you will want to tune in 2AM and 7AM (EST). For all you local AZ gals that is 11PM tonight and 4AM Thursday morning. Don’t tell Laura but I may not be able to get to watch that 4AM one. That’s a little early for me. ;)

And no worries if you can’t watch it live- get online anytime and order online. It’s super easy! And these are some smokin’ deals you won’t want to miss out on.

Here is a link to our Online Kits we are selling:

The kits Laura will be showing off are the Frosting Kit and the Roller Doodle Kit. Woohooo! Go Glitz!

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