Winner and Tim Holtz!

First of all the Glitz Girls would like to THANK YOU ALL for participating and sharing some GREAT recipes! We are in heaven and we thank you!!! Glitz is STILL doing more giveaways…so check back! I’ll post a FEW more giveaways tomorrow! Yep you read correctly…2 more giveaways tomorrow!!!

Glitz Design had a special guest help us pick a winner for the Glitz Giveaway #2! Watch video below to see who it is…and to see who the lucky winner is!

Elizabeth said…
LOL…i would give you a recipe but I don’t make anything really speacial or great…..but I do make fudge, but i lost my recipe when I moved. :( If I find it I will definitely send y’all’s way. :) I love the stocking…it looks like so much fun!! :)
December 3, 2008 8:54 PM
***Elizabeth send me your info so I can get your stocking out to ya at

Ok now I bet you’re wondering why I have Tim Holtz’s name as my title…well it’s because HE ROCKS! Like you don’t know that, right?! Well Tim has made a beautiful Holiday tag using some Glitz Metallic Rub-On’s! Tim passed the link along to me today…and I wanted to share it all with you! So check out his awesomeness and Glitz’s Awesomeness HERE!!

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