Drum roll please…….

Glitz Giveaway #3 Glitz Stocking:

Lacy said…
I wish St. Nicholas would hang that stocking by my chimney with care!
December 12, 2008 8:28 AM

Glitz Giveaway #4 Glitz Traditions Acrlic Album:

TxScrapAddict said…
I would love to see the world economy turn around…..I have so many friends who are struggling..
December 9, 2008 8:22 PM
Congratulations!! Please send your info to laura@glitzitnow.com
Thank you everyone for playing with us! We loved reading what was on everyone’s wish list! Check back soon for a New Year’s giveaway(we just can’t stop with the giveaways!!)! More new product sneak peeks coming soon too! I got a package today with some of our new products that are complete…and let me tell you…there was some screaming in delight! I can’t wait to show you!!
OH and you have to check out the new Glitz 10 minute project blog! Are you looking for a quick project to do in under 10 minutes?! Glitz designers are sharing some fantastic project ideas that you can duplicate in minutes! If this season has you running ragged…but you stilll want to get some projects in…or need a quick hand made gift idea…then the Glitz 10 minute blog can help! Check it out here!
Happy Holidays from Glitz Design!!!

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