Winner and another CHA Sneak!!!

These have got to be the most exciting thing to come to CHA from Glitz(well maybe…there are so many other new products we’re giddy about too!) BUT…these are sooo cool! Beautiful, Vintage rub ons..with music notes, script writing inside these cute birds, owls and, butterflies!! Below is one of the birdies rubbed on cardstock(sigh)! So in love!! They go on sooo smooth….like butta!

Glitz Vintage Rub Ons Sneak!!!

The winner of the HOT New REBEL line is……

mustangkayla said…
Rebellion…or stubborness….lol…I got tired of DH dirtying dishes and not puttin them in the dishwasher when he was done so I let them sit their and pile up in the since for 4 days before he finally got sick of them and couldn’t even get a cup of water cause HIS dishes were in they way…lol….Just love the distressing stamps and that REBEL line, a must have for me!
January 9, 2009 9:34 AM

CONGRATULATIONS mustangkayla!!!! Email me your info to

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