Hybrid Cards with Glitz!

I am sure that I am not the only one out there who lives on a budget, and who likes to get the biggest bang for my buck….right? Well, Glitz makes it EASY for even the most frugal to enjoy paper crafting by offering their Digital/Printable Kits. I am an AVID card maker, and the Create A Card and Create A Card Vol. 2 disks are a MUST HAVE in any collection. You can print each image over and over again. Not to mention…the disks are just FULL of great digital images and papers to use!

They are really easy to use too! First, just make a new image at the size you want your card to be in the photo software of your preference (I use Adobe Photoshop…but you can use any type!). Then open the images you want from either of the Create A Card disks, and resize them to meet your needs. After that just drag, drop and move, or copy, paste and move the images around until they are right where you want them on the card.

After that, you are ready to print! Be sure to set your print quality to high, and check your fit to scale button so it will print perfectly. I prefer to use white Bazzill cardstock in the orange peel texture for printing…the colors come out nice and bright!

Once you have printed out the hybrid part of the card, it is time to embellish it with those true paper scrapping items that you love! I am a Glitz girl through and through…so adding some glitter and bling is a must on any project I do! On this specific card I used the fabulous Glitz Frosting and Icing!

Once you are done embellishing your cards, you can go ahead and score it and fold it in half!

And viola…your card is done! You have a fabulous card that was easy to do, didn’t cost a lot of money, and you can do it all over again if you want! Here are few cards that I got done with both of my Create A Card disks. The options are endless when you are using the Glitz digital/printable kits! Hope you enjoy using them!

Everyone have a wonderful rest of your week, and weekend!

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