What is love? with Lisa Andrews

When I pulled out the Distressed Couture Glitz sticker sheet and saw the “What is Love?” sticker, I instantly knew that I had the title for my next layout.

I decided to go with a few photos of my husband and I on the layout. Sadly, I discovered that we hardly have any pictures of just the two of us. Now I’ve set a goal to make more of an effort to hand the camera over so that both of us can be together in a few photos.For the larger photo here, I had to crop the two of us from a photo of our family. Luckily our heads were close enough that the crop worked!
How good are you are getting in photos with people who are important to you? Will you join me in trying to jump in a few more photos with those we love?


Supplies: Everything is from Glitz. Distressed Couture Accent Stickers, Distressed Couture Rub-ons, Distressed Couture Titles, Black Frosting, Glitzers, Black Round & Red Square Teeny Alphas. Distressed Couture Paper: Blocks, Floral, Stripe, Vines, Scrolls.

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