Kismet Connection with Sasha Halloway

…so often I find it fun to either mix papers together or just work with in the natural range that they come in. So this time for you coming out the gates I wanted to use only the new Kismet Collection before mixing things up.

I love this line because the reds are rich but mute, and the blues are popping but subtle as well. I decided to take the photo and change it to a pencil sketch so that it flows with the papers.  I have also made a few pinwheels from the collection as well.

 If you want to add other dimension or elements to your pages and you still want to focus on the paper then take your punches, grab and old book and start punching away. I am a fan of butterflys.

 I used the following papers and elements.

Teeny Alpha – Brown Block, Frosting – Black, Whatnots – Vintage, Kismet paper – Ledger K2860, Kismet paper – Numbers K2242, Kismet paper – Stripe K2211

Enjoy your day and see you next month as I dibble in dabble in a little bit more of my style with paper mixing.
Sasha Holloway

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