Daddy Daughter Bonds with Noel Culbertson

There is something about the daddy/daughter bond that a girl never outgrows. At least I never have with my dad, and I have that same hope for my girls. So far so good! With daddy home from deployment for just over a month now, they’ve done their level best to be at his side just as often as physically possible. In a world filled with change and uncertainty… it sure is nice to see that some things remain the same.
Glitz Goodies: Kismet Stripe {K2211); Kismet Numbers {K2242}; Kismet Brown {K2259}; Kismet Ledger {K2860}; Kismet Accent Stickers {C2501}

Glitz goodies: Distressed Couture Blocks {DC2310}; Distressed Couture Vines {DC2334}; Vintage Love Damask {VL2358}; Detour Glitzers {G2947}; Vintage Whatnot’s {V2679}

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