Maya & Vintage Whatnots with Courtney Baker

Is anyone else counting down the days until they can get their hands on the new Glitz collections? I know I am, but in the mean time I’m still having fun using Maya Collection and Vintage Find Whatnots.

For this first project I wanted to make a little treat container, and I had to use some pixie sticks (somehow I’m the only one that has never out-grown pixie sticks).


You Make My Heart Sing
Sticker: (Maya Titles Cardstock Sticker) Glitz
Patterned Paper: (Maya Polka) Glitz

For my next project I wanted to use one of the Vintage Find Whatnots with a dyed doily. I love this Distressed Couture patterned paper for card making. The scale of the design works so well on cards.

Patterned Paper:  Distressed Couture Glitz

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