Glitzer Sticker Cards with Courtney Baker

gSometimes it’s nice to start with a blank slate. For these two cards that’s exactly what I did. I really just started with a white card base. And maybe I’ve been watching too much Project Runway and Mondo, but I just started combining these different patterned Glitzers. I think this is such a great fast card, and perfect for mailing. And with Valentine’s Day not too far off, both of these will work great to start my stash.

Glitz Design “Maya” Glitzer Stickers
Glitz Designs “Distressed Couture” Cardstock Stickers

I really had so much fun arranging these Glitzers I thought I’d try the same effect with the Distress Couture.

Glitz Design “Distressed Couture” Glitzer Stickers
Glitz Designs “Distressed Couture” Cardstock Stickers 

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