Advice Layouts with Emeline Seet

Hi all !

I’m wrapping up August with a couple of layouts.

My first layout, titled ” Be Brave” was created using a mixture from Glitz Design’s Lace with Grace, stamps, transparencies and other paper elements. I embossed Glitz Design’s paper layers, tucked and piled them on.


Glitz Design Laced with Grace 6×9 Stamps
Glitz Designs Afternoon Muse 6×9 Stamp
Glitz Design Love Games Peek-A-Boo
Glitz Design Love Games Journaling Stickers
Glitz Design Scarlette Floral paper
Glitz Design Paper Layers

My second layout, titled “Do unto others” came about this week when we were reiterating the golden rule in our household. An old fashion but imperative reminder for my kids.


Glitz Designs Afternoon Muse Block Paper
Glitz Designs Love Games Polka
Glitz Design Laced with Grace Journaling, 6×12 Stickers
Glitz Design Teeny Alphas

Have a good day , everybody!

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