Summer CHA Preview!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!!  So, we figured a great way to end the weekend would be to share what you can expect from Glitz Design at Summer CHA this year!  I think you might just squeal with delight when you see these new collections….they are amazing!!

Cashmere Dame is a neat-o collection with bold fun colors.  It has a swell 50s twist combined with some of the trendiest patterns and color schemes of today. You will be inspired by the sassy titles and colorful embellishments!


The Hello Friend collection is inspired by the love of friendship!  It’s got everything you need to record your fondest memories with cherished friends.  This soft collection includes titles to inspire, journal spots to record and embellishments to beautify…It truly is a friendship that will last forever!


Yours Truly is filled with warm colors, sweet sayings and lace accents.  If you always follow your heart then you will want this collection in your stash!

And although this last collection isn’t releasing until October, we couldn’t resist sharing it! Glitz + Christmas= one fabulously vintage holiday collection!!

Aren’t these just to die for?!!  I know that I am so excited to get my hands on all four of them!!  We are introducing some new products as well….can you see what they are?  Don’t worry if you can’t…we will be doing the full reveals of each collection starting on Friday!

With full reveals comes giveaways, so be sure to check back!!!

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