Fabulous Minis with Audrey Yeager

This month we got to do something that wasn’t our “norm”.  I mostly create layouts, but I like to create mini albums, too….I just don’t do them nearly as much as I would like.  So I challenged myself to make some this month! This post has a LOT of photo, so bear with me!

This first album was actually inspired by the Glitz Pretty In Pink Whatnots.  This pack contains die cuts that are numbered 1-12. Since my little guy just turned 1 in , I thought they would be perfect for for a mini showing a photo from each month of this life since the day he was born.

For the cover, I covered the chipboard album cover with tulle to tone down the print a bit.  I splatted some paint in shade of blue, added a transparency, my title, some stickers and stars.

I traced the shape of the happy Travels chipboard album onto some papers for the photos, and then added the die cuts in between the pages to number them.
On each page, I splattered the background with some blue paint, and then I added some simple banners made of paper.  I used a stamping tool to stamp sewing lines and added a few sentiment stickers.
Chipboard Album: Happy Travels
Whatnots: Pretty In Pink
Papers: Vintage Blue, Happy Travels, French Kiss, Pretty In Pink, Dance in the Sunshine
Epoxy Stickers: French Kiss, Happy Travels, Pretty In Pink, Vintage Blue
Trims: Vintage Blue, Dance In the Sunshine
Peek-A-Boos: Pretty In Pink, Dance in the Sunshine, Laced with Grace

This 2nd album I started in my head a long time ago when I got my first pack of Glitz Whatnots (I think it was from a kit club that I subscribed to at the time).  There were some great phrases on some of the die cuts.  At first I was going to make some type of wall decor, but as time went on, I kept piling up all of the Glitz goodies that had phrases that I loved.  I kept everything in one bag and decided it was time to put it in an album.

The album covers are Whatnot pieces backed with pattern paper.  I stitched some Tulle on the edges of the front and back covers to act as a binding (although the pages are held together with twine, too).  Some paint, transparency, stickers and die cuts on the front.

The pages are a mix of Paper Layers, Whatnots, and Peek-A-Boos.I was originally just going to have a book of the sayings, but after I put all the pages together, I had to add in some photos of my kiddos.  I picked 5 of my daughter and 5 of my son that are my favorites from the past few months.  I stitched around each photo and added a butterfly to each page.

Paper Layers: Vintage Blue, Dance in the Sunshine, Pretty In Pink, Laced With Grace, Happy Travels, French Kiss
Trims: Dance in the Sunshine, Beautiful Dreamer, Vintage Blue
Whatnots: Beautiful Dreamer, Dance In the Sunshine, Laced with Grace, Vintage Blue, Happy Travels
Peek-A-Boos: Beautiful Dreamer, Dance In the Sunshine, Laced with Grace, Vintage Blue
Papers: Laced With Grace
Stickers: Dance In the Sunshine. Vintage Blue

Phew this was a LONG post!  It feels so good to get these minis done!!  Hope you enjoyed!

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