Step by Step Saturday with Laurie Schmidlin

I’m so excited to share with you my project for the Glitz Step by Step Saturday feature!  Since the Holiday season is approaching (as crafters, the earlier we can get started on handmade gifts the better), I thought I would share a tutorial on one of my favorite gifts to give – a card set with matching packaging!

Hello Friend Card Set

I used several products from the new Hello Friend collection (I am SOOO loving this collection right now) to create this note card holder.  This holder will hold 4″ cards and matching envelopes.

Hello Friend Card Set 2

Here’s close- of the Layered Stickers.  Aren’t they so lovely??  My heart goes pitter-patter just looking at them!

Hello Friend Card Set 3

Here’s a peek at the inside.  The holder on the left side holds the envelopes and the box on the right holds the cards.  I like to add layers and embellishments on my cards, so I could only fit 4 in my holder.  If you didn’t layer or add as many embellishments as I did, I’m sure you could fit at least 5 cards in there.

Hello Friend Card Set 8

Here’s what the gift box looks like from the bottom.  You can see each of the holders are just like mini boxes.  The smaller one holds the envelopes and the larger one holds the cards.

Hello Friend Card Set 4

Here’s one of the cards that I created.  I stamped the butterflies (from the Hello Friend Rubber Stamp set).  I added a Puffy Word for the sentiment.

Hello Friend Card Set 5

My second card features some more stamped images (also from the Hello Friend Rubber Stamp set).  For embellishment, I added a Glitzer and a Giant Rhinestone.

Hello Friend Card Set 6

On the third card, I used circles that I punched out from several different patterned papers that I machine stitched over for some added decoration.  the lace border is a stamped image (included in the Hello Friend Stamp set).

Hello Friend Card Set 7

My last card features a combination of stamped images, a Whatnot, a Puffy Word, and some of the new Crepe Trim.  Also, each card has a stamped envelope to go with it.

I’ve created several templates for you so that you can also create this note card holder!

Box Template 1

For the cover, start with a piece of cardstock measuring 10 1/2″ x 5 3/4″.  Score on the lines indicated in the photo.  Heavyweight cardstock works best for projects like these.

Box Template (Card Holder)

To make the Card Holder, start with a piece of cardstock measuring 6 1/4″ x 4 1/4″.  Score on the lines indicated in the above photo.  The light grey areas are the parts you will want to cut and discard.  To assemble, fold on all score lines, add adhesive to the 1/4″ outside flaps, fold (refer to photos above to see how they should look), and adhere to the right side of your cover.

Box Template (Envelope Holder)

For the envelope holder, follow the same steps as above!  That’s it!  Such an quick and easy way to create some custom card packaging!

Thanks for joining me here today!

Glitz Design Hello Friend Papers:  Polka, Stripe, Chain, Clouds
Glitz Design Hello Friend 6″ Paper Pack
Glitz Design Hello Friend Glitzers
Glitz Design Hello Friend Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Design Hello Friend Layered Stickers
Glitz Design Hello Friend Whatnots
Glitz Design Hello Friend Crepe Trim
Glitz Design Hello Friend Rubber Stamps
Glitz Design Yours Truly Tape

16 thoughts on “Step by Step Saturday with Laurie Schmidlin”

  1. Great little gift box/cards! Love these papers and that you used the cloud print on the inside. So sweet, a great gift!

  2. Thanks so much for the template. I have been thinking of a different way to package cards and envelopes and this is a great dies. Thanks so much

  3. Laurie. You did a magnificent job! I love the Glitz paper and it really makes your cards and holder so beautiful. Thank you for the templates so I can try this myself!

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