Inspired by Christmas Decor with Janna Werner

Hello and merry Christmas! This is Janna with 2 Christmas related scrapbooking pages. I am a huge fan of decoration (who isn´t, right?!) and I enjoy reading home decor magazines and spying on shop decorations a lot. So, today´s layouts are both inspired by shop decoration.

We have a some really really fancy flower shops in Oldenburg (which is close to Bremen, Germany… just in case you don´t know where Oldenburg is ;-) ), so, when hubby and I went to town in the beginning of December, I sneaked out my iPhone and took some pictures..

I like to get inspiration and there was a lot! Maybe a bit too much, because I felt a bit overwhelmed in the end. That´s why I will probably stick to “old-fashioned” decoration and color schemes, such as gold/red or blue/silver. Anyways, enjoy the Christmas holidays (hope Santa brings tons of scrapbooking stuff for you!) and see you next year :-*


Glitz Design supplies
Layout “Adventszeit”
Embellishments: Joyeux Noel: journaling stickers, layered stickers, giant rhinestones; Yours Truly: glitzers; Hello Friend: tape (coral chevron), title stickers; teeny alphas (white)
Paper: Joyeux Noel: paper pad, banner; Yours Truly: floral

Layout “xmas”
Embellishments: Cashmere Dame: tape (chevron); Joyeux Novel: layered stickers; Yours Truly: journaling stickers
Papers: Cashmere Dame: floral; Yours Truly: polka, ephemera, motif

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