Step by Step Saturday with Rommel Okuma

Hello folks! Happy New Year!!!!
Hope everybody had great time in this holiday with family and friends! And for today “Step by Step Saturday” I made an usual mixed media canvas. It’s a inspirational canvas for my year. What about you? Why not to make something that encourage and inspire you everyday for this year, and always will remember you about your goals for 2013?
For my canvas, I used a piece of 8 x 8 inches, some art mediums and several amazing Glitz Design products.
Ok, let’s go girls and boys!
Step 1: Let’s prepare our canvas background using Gelatos by Faber Castel. Don’t forget to prime the surface  with a good gesso. Apply it on the canvas and let it dry completely. After, use the Gelato directly to the canvas, so then, add some water and use your paint-brush do paint. Make this process for all the colors you will work. I used three colors, to make an ombre effect. Let the canvas dry.
After dried your canvas will be as below:


Step 2: After make our background let’s start to work to add some layers. I think a image transfer using old book pages will be great. Use some scraps of an old book and distribute it for all along your canvas piece.

Use a gel medium and take it directly to surface, so glue down your scrap of old book. Let it dry and remove the paper. If you want use some water to help you in this process.

Step 3: To finish this step you can add more gel medium. You will have a clear and translucent image transfer effect.

Step 4: Choose a paper from your 6×6 paper pad by Glitz Design. I chosen as you see bellow, because it reminds me a wall with lots of patterns. Cut some straps from this paper and glue down on your canvas surface using a fabric glue.



Step 5: Add some details using masking tape:


Step 6: Let’s color the masking tape. Use a color that it will constrat to your background. I used a light turquoise. Constrating colors will make your project more interesting, trust me! Now you have a beautiful detail with color and texture.


Step 7: Now, let’s use our washi tapes from Glitz Design. I used this with strips patterns. Glue down wherever you want.


Step 8: More layers! Use tags for more layers. Glue it down in the center of your canvas. For the last, glue your photo above all this tags. I use a 3 x 4 inches photo.

Step 9: How about to use acrilic ink to add a distress effect in your photo? With a paint-brush paint all the edges with black ink:


Step 10: Now, let’s spread some black ink around the photo corner. No problem if some dots pop up above your photo!



Step 11: Let’s make one more layer with ink. Use a complementary color with your background. I chosen pink. Paint in your left corner, you need a lot of ink for this technique. Splash some water and let the ink drain. If it’s your first time using ink I recommend you to make this step before “Step 8″:


Step 12: Let’s start decorate our canvas with some intereting details! This circle is from Yours Truly Peek-a-boo collection. I love it because it looks like a doodle circle. Glue down behing the tags.


Step 13:  Use some background stamps and add little details all around the canvas. I used one with dots.


Step 14:  One more layer! LoL! I decided to apply some trends to this piece. I found a chevron/arrow mask and realized that it will match well in this project, and apply some modeling past. I swear, this is our last layer! haha


Step 15: Adhere more two straps of washi tape in the right side of the photo and two Rinestones.

Step 16: Using a paper layer let’s make a arrow. Cut out a strap and make arrows with it. Glue down this pieces using Gel Medium or Fabric Glue. To finish better, use a black pen in all the edges.



Step 17: Write a quote to inspire or encourage you in the new year! I write using my handwritting and teeny alphas. This is all!

Here is my project finished:






Mixed Media Canvas materials:
Glitz Design products:
- Your Truly collection: 6×6 paper pad, Puffy Words, Peek-a-boo, Giant Rinestones, Black Teeny Alpha, Strip Washi Tape, Paper Layer
In Addition:
- Gesso and Gel Medium, Golden
- Modeling Paste, Liquitex
- Chevron Mask, TCWS
- Gelatos, Faber Castell
- Inks, Ranger

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! And try it yourself! Happy 2013 and let’s make this year the most creative ever!!! :)

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  1. Mixed media is something I really want to try this year, I love the detailed step by step instructions. This looks wonderful!

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