Winter CHA Sneak Peeks!!

Happy New Year’s Eve, Glitz fans!!  What an awesome 2012 it has been!  Thank you for your wonderful support of our product, and all the people that make Glitz Design possible.

It seems only fitting that on the eve of 2013, we share a little peek into what we have in store for you!!  These three collections will be releasing at Winter CHA in January!!  You are going to go CRAZY….they are just awesome!

Over the next few days, I will be sharing the full reveal of each of these collections!!  We will be doing a giveaway of each one, so be sure to come back each day!

We have mid-release that has a tentative ship date of May 2013, and here is a peek at that one as well!

So, what do you think?  Are you as excited as I am!!  Just wait until you see the full reveal of the first three collections this week!  The full reveal of the last collection won’t happen this week, but we still wanted to share a little peek at it!

Come back tomorrow for the full reveal of Color Me Happy!

25 thoughts on “Winter CHA Sneak Peeks!!”

  1. OMG, in LOVE LOVE with Color Me Happy and Uncharted Waters!! Of course they are all gorgeous, but I’m thrilled with the theme of the waters one, and the COLOR on the first is so bold and wonderful, but still with all the Glitz elegance and retro-vibe…L.O.V.E. Can’t wait to see it all. :)

  2. I’ll take 2 of everything in the Sunshine in My Soul collection-the name fits it perfectly.Thank you for such a fantastic collection.

  3. Normally your papers don’t fit my style of scrapping but wow oh wow, I’m loving these. Especially Color Me Happy!!!

  4. I. Cannot. Tell. You. How excited I am to see roller doodles back! YEEEAAA! My heart is beating really fast!! Hello little guys!! Come on home!!!!

  5. I am love doing multi medea and layers of texture to my scrapbooking and I can tell you im jazzed about the textures I’m going to beable to make from the great roller to tape to type littes and last but not least the awso,e paper. So Texture and texter! Woot Woot!

  6. I like everything that your company puts out. I cannot wait for these papers to come to my area. Thanks for all of the peeks.

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