Introducing “Uncharted Waters”

Happy Friday, Glitz fans!!  Today we have one more full reveal to share with you of our new collection “Uncharted Waters”.  So far you have given us the feedback that you just LOVE “Color Me Happy” and “Love You Madly”….and we are so excited that you are excited about them!

This collection includes an amazing color combination, and a seaside flair to it…and you are going to just LOVE it!  Without further ado….here is the full collection!

Do you want to win the entire collection once it releases?  Well, it is super easy!  Leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST, and let us know what your very favorite part of this collection is!!  It is as easy as that!

We will announce all giveaway winners on January 14th, which happens to also be my birthday (Lea’s)!!  What a super fun day that will be!!  Please leave only one comment on each giveaway blog post…multiple comments will be deleted.

And just a reminder…we have comment moderation ON, so if you don’t see your comment right away…don’t worry!  It will get approved shortly!

190 thoughts on “Introducing “Uncharted Waters””

  1. wow another amazing collection …LOVE the colors and all the yummy embellishment add ons. and again that giant roller doodle is just too too cool

  2. Love that whale! I live in Newfoundland and often the ocean themes by manufacturers forget us in the Atlantic ocean! Love, love, love that whale.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful collection! My favorite thing about it is the color combo…I was immediately taken with it! Thanks for the chance to win! Blessings!

  4. This is FABULOUS! What I love about it is that it is so different, you can’t compare it to any other collection. But if I have to name something specific, LOVE those roller doodles.

  5. Ooooh man! How delish is this collection?! Love that it has cheerful colors mixed with a whimsical nautical theme. Very fun to bob along with!

    I love the Peek-A-Boos, the papers and the giant rhinestones.

  6. Another fantastic collection! Love the bright pops of color, but lots of neutrals. The arrow doodle roller and bubble/circle washi are awesome!

  7. I like the name of this collection, saw the name on FB and i could not click fast enough to see the full peek. I am a water person all my life, so everything about his collection will fit into my life style. I think the color tones seals the deal for me. Should be a number # 1 seller!!! (just my 2 cents vote here) wink wink
    ava g

  8. Of course I l.o.v.e it all, but omgoodness the giant rhinestones have caught my eye!!! Beautiful colors in this collection, and how very fun to have a nautical theme!!! On my “must buy” list it goes!!!

  9. We live by the sea and a huge part of our life is exploring the wet element – all seasons. This collection would be perfect to document our stories! Love the mix of colors and patterns.
    My fav part is, besides the patterned papers, the giant rhinestones!

  10. Love the papers!! They have just the right balance of bright and subtle and the colours…gorgeous!!! Very cool journalling stickers, Roller Doodle arrows, Peek-a boos (always love these!!) and Paper layers also. :)

  11. Wow, beautiful colour combos and great art work. Hope I win the collection!!! I already know which project I would use it

  12. You’re right, the colors are truly amazing. So so well executed. And I just whole-heartedly adore the whale. (I even called my hubby over to see it!) Truthfully, not being a sea-going/beachy personality type, I have aboslutely NO need for the theme of this collection…yet I will be buying all of it. It is irresistible. Maybe I’ll have to take a trip to Rhode Island or Prince Edward Island (the themes and colors made me think of Lucy Maud Montgomery books) just to have a reason to take full advantage of the seafaring elements. I can’t wait to see what your design team does with it so I can mimick them. Thanks Glitz.

  13. I love the ocean and have this thing for anchors so they did it for me! Awesome nautical package. It would go great for my grandson’s Marineland layout!

  14. I’m inspired to go play at the beach! A favorite pastime that never goes out of style – and this collection won’t either! Love the phrases; Choose happiness – Choose me!

  15. I am loving all of your reveals!! I just sent this to some of my friends… I need to go on a cruise now, lol!! Great job, I LOVE the inspirational tape and the Hombre tile paper – SWOON!!!

  16. I am a recently convert and huge fan of The Glitz brand. AND I love so much about this new line. BUT my favorite thing of all is the 8×8 paper pad! They’re not as plentiful as they used to be and I love them!!!!!!

  17. Oh my goodness this is so cool! Do I have to pick just one thing? I think the roller doodle looks like fun? Both my dad and my FIL were in the Navy and Coast Guard respectively, so I can think of a million different LOs to use that on!

  18. This collection says “great summer”, really beautiful. Hard to pick a fave, I like tapes, whatnots, paper and garlands a lot.

  19. Ah. It takes me back to the beach in San Diego. How I’ve missed it. Thanks for the sandy walk down memory lane.

  20. Wow, I. Really love this collection! The colors are fantastic and I love, love, love the peek a boos and the whatnots! The entire collection is great!

  21. I think that my favorite thing is the roller stamp with arrows on it. But I LOVE this collection, so it might be something else…

  22. I love the whole collection, but especially the 6×6 paper pad and the adorable garland. What a great giveaway!!!!!

  23. My favorite parts are the color combinations and the sailing aspect. This would be a great collection for my cruise pictures!

  24. I couldn’t pick a favorite, the whole collection is amazing. My husband and I try to cruise once a year and this collection is absolutely PERFECT.

  25. Oh I am totally blown away by this collection. Jaw droppingly amazed. I will need every last bit of it for all the beach layouts I make! My favourite bits are the title stickers (‘all I need is you, me, + the sea’ in so soul-perfect) and the journaling cards (the kissing seahorse are just darling!). Thanks for the chance to win! X

  26. I love the beachy collection because i live on the beach. But this is surprising and non traditional. Love the colors. But most of al i love love love the adorable little whale graphic! I want him!

  27. What a lovely and well thought out collection. Just the right amount of masculine and girlie mix. Real nice job.

  28. OMG, that line is perfect! My step-daughter got married in September and it was a nautical themed wedding (I created all the decor, programs and wedding favors in dark royal, gold and ivory) and I have been in search of papers to use for her wedding scrapbook. Again, perfect!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this collection!

  29. The depth of colors, the paper layers, the giant rhinestones, the rollers…what is not to love about this collection. I love the fading of colors on the papers. Fabulous job.

  30. Everything about this collection is just so refreshing…amazing designs across the board…this is why Glitz is my favorite paper line….

  31. Loving this collection!!! I love anything nautical and the colors, everything about this is fabulous…papers,embillies, anchor doodle roller. all of it!

  32. Oh, wow!! Gosh, I love the colors and all those beautifuls designs!! Awesome. My favorite might be the giant rhinestones, but the garland and the anchor tape is so cute as well!! Definitly a must have colletion!! :D

  33. ohhhhhhhhhhh I just LOVE that tiny roller stamp with the anchors, and the what nots…such a yummy line, I love doing mermaid art and I bet I could use this entire line! lol ok, it just makes me feel giggly! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  34. Super cool collection! I love that this line is a bit more edgy than other nautical collections that have been available on the market. The giant rhinestones are fabulous!

  35. I l o v e the Collection! The combination of bright colors with the kraft color that reminds me of the sand, the ombre-effect, the distressed look, the chalkboard look and since I live at the Baltic Sea I love the blue and yellow nautical patterns in combination with the playful bright and colorful dots and flowers. This Collection is my must have for 2013!

    Greetings from Germany,


  36. Need ALL of this one, end of story. The rainbow scallops, the anchors, the one that looks like that layered licorice candy with rectangular stacked stripes of color?! Love. This is the perfect vibe I’m looking for to document our annual oregon coast adventures!

  37. WOW.. That is a REALLY funky line. Love the colours. Love the designs. especially that whale. The choose Happiness washi tape and the diant rhinestones are my faves…

  38. Beautiful collection. I’m going on a cruise soon and it would be perfect! I really like the paper garland. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. This is my favorite new upcoming collection by Glitz Designs–love everything about it. My favorite biits–love it all, but the 6×6 paper pad, tape, roller stamps and whatnots are musts. Thank you for the chance to win.

  40. Oh. My. Goodness. The most amazing colours I have seen thus far in a collection – I LOVE this – & the fact you have included seahorses and whales and gradient/ombre – this is an absolute MUST HAVE for me!!!!

  41. So, my extended family (there are 12 of us) is going on a cruise this spring. How perfect would this line be??!
    I’ll answer that: PERFECT! I love this nautical theme, and the colors aren’t all typical blues and greens for the theme – love the pops of yellow and hot pink! And just what are paper layers? Must try them.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win! You’ve made me SO excited with your new releases!! (Enough exclamation points for ‘ya? ;) )

  42. Love this collection. I am a water-baby, so everything and anything about water is for me! I especially love your roller doodles and tape! And the Whale cut out oh so cute

  43. I love the Uncharted Waters collection colors, motifs and I cannot wait for the Doodle Stamps, Rubber Stamps, or the Washi Tape…..I want them now!!

  44. Oh my, I think I am in trouble…DH is going to have to take the bank card from me before this collection is released because I have to have this entire collection a couple of times over. This is the best collection yet and I thought the others were terrific!!!

  45. I for sure really adore this amazing collection ;) would love to think I could make a chance on winning it!!! with all the lovely comment you’ll getting!!! I have to admit I almost never use yellow but the yellow’s in this collection are so happy :) Thank you xox Amy

  46. I lovE the color of Uncharted Waters. I can’t wait to try
    The Giant Rhinestones and the fabulous title stickers. I love

  47. great patterns and colors…love the whale…favorites are the peekaboos and the little anchor roller stamp….thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I LOVE these papers! SUPER GREAT JOB on this collection, I LOVE that you don’t have to use it as a travel line, it looks like there are enough pieces that it’s a great everyday fun collection… I {HEART}the choose happiness tape!!

  49. I think i would have to pick the peek a boos for this range. Living in Australia, i know i will be using a lot of this range.

  50. I am a HUGE Glitz fan, and I am head-over-heels for this collection! I love the colors & I can’t wait to see the rest of the paper layers… the image is enough to make me swoon! Well done!

  51. WOW!! I have been looking at this over and over trying to pick my favorite part of the collection and it’s almost impossible. I love EVERYTHING!! I’m especially loving the color combinations!

  52. JUST SENT ONE OF EACH RIGHT NOW and tell me where to send credit card!! Love this collection! I am taking a cruise for my 50th birthday (feb 9) so hurry and start shipping now! :)

    There has been a void in the market for a nice cruise/water related theme. Bravo to you! Best of show :)

  53. I love those Giant Rhinestones! What a unique embellishment. I love that Unchartered Waters is a nautical collection, but it is not too themey so you can use it for a variety of projects.

  54. Beautiful! I wouldn’t have expected these colors for a nautical collection, but it’s wonderful and I love it. I really love how the papers can be used for other purposes, too.

  55. Great job Glitz! This is my absolute favorite line at CHA!!! Glitz has always been edgy and unique! Loving that you brought back the rollers! Totem/Angela

  56. Anither home run. I have two boys and I don’t like to be too themey and this line is just right. I also have a cruise to scrap!

    The Kraft colored washi is my favorite bit.

  57. Oh wow! I NEED this collection! It will be perfect to scrap some of my holiday photos. Fingers crossed I can find a UK stockist!

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