Mixed Sentiments with Laurie Schmidlin

Hi again!  It’s my turn to share what I came up with for this week’s Glitz challenge – Old With the New!

Love You Like Crazy by Laurie Schmidlin

For my first card, I paired papers and embellishments from the Yours Truly collection with a Whatnot and Title Sticker from the new Uncharted Waters collection!  I love how the colors in these collections go together so well!

Hello There by Laurie Schmidlin

For my second card, I combined goodies from the Cashmere Dame collection with the new Color Me Happy collection!  I started with papers form the Cashmere Dame collection and added on a Whatnot, Journaling Sticker, Woodgrain Washi Tape, and White Teeny Alpha Stickers from the Color Me Happy collection.  The Chevron Washi Tape and Giant Rhinestone are both form the Cashmere Dame collection.

I’m so glad you joined me here today!  ~Laurie

Love You Like Crazy Card
Glitz Design Yours Truly 6″ Glitz Paper Pack
Glitz Design Yours Truly Polka Washi Tape
Glitz Design Yours Truly Giant Rhinestone
Glitz Design Yours Truly Puffy Words
Glitz Design Uncharted Waters Title Stickers
Glitz Design Uncharted Waters Whatnots

Hello There Card
Glitz Design Cashmere Dame 6″ Glitz Paper Pack
Glitz Design Cashmere Dame Giant Rhinestone
Glitz Design Cashmere Dame Chevron Tape
Glitz Design Color Me Happy Whatnots
Glitz Design Color Me Happy White Teeny Alphas
Glitz Design Color Me Happy Journaling Stickers
Glitz Design Color Me Happy Woodgrain Tape

5 thoughts on “Mixed Sentiments with Laurie Schmidlin”

  1. Great combination of collections. My favorite is the second, but that might be because those are two of my favorite Glitz collections, the combination is so sunny and happy!

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