Adding to Color Me Happy with Lea Lawson

Happy Monday, everyone!!  Welcome to a new inspiration week where we are going to be mixing the new collections with our older, but still fabulous, Glitz product!!

Today I have a couple cards to share with you using Color Me Happy as the base, but adding in some embellishments here & there from past collections.  I have been with Glitz Design since the very beginning, and I have never been able to part with any of my cardstock stickers, glitzers, teeny alphas, whatnots….the list could go on & on!  I am always pulling them down and looking through them to find that perfect accent that my card might have been missing….and I typically find it in my stash of Glitz more often than not!

My first card uses lots of Color Me Happy, and some cardstock stickers from other collections that matched it perfectly!  Here is what I created!

Call Me Maybe supplies:
Color Me Happy Paper – Bits & Pieces, Hearts
Color Me Happy Washi Tape -  Rainbow Stripe
Color Me Happy Rubber Stamps
Color Me Happy Paper Layers
Yours Truly Teeny Alphas – White
Laced With Grace Cardstock Stickers – Titles
Love Games Cardstock Stickers – Journaling
Hoopla Cardstock Stickers – Journaling


This next card is also mostly Color Me Happy, with the addition of a cardstock sticker & glitzer from past collections.  I also finished off the sentiment on the inside with some teeny alphas from a past collection.  Check it out!

Hi There Stranger card:
Color Me Happy Paper – Polka, Woodgrain, Bits & Pieces, Chalkboard
Color Me Happy Washi Tape – Rainbow Stripe
Color Me Happy Paper Layers
Yours Truly Teeny Alphas – Red
Cashmere Dame Glitzers
Dance In Sunshine Cardstock Stickers – Titles

I totally understand how much fun it is to use all the new goodies that this amazing company releases, but I also never want to forget how awesome everything else is that I have in my stash of Glitz product!!  Mixing & matching them is a great way to freshen up the old, and even better….a great way to get it all used up!!  There is too much Glitz fabulousness to let it go to waste!!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my “Mixing Old with New” cards today!  Leave me a comment an let me know what you think of this week’s feature, and what you might like to see in the future!!

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