Clusters of Old & New with Gerry Van Gent

Hello Glitz friends!
This is Gerry here today sharing with you two layouts
where I mixed Old & New Glitz Design collections.

My first layout is a happy, fun layout where I scrapped photos of
my kids. I matched here different collections and I love
the fact that they work altogether so well!
{Color Me Happy} Paper Collection
{Uncharted Waters} Paper Collection
{Yours Truly} Paper Collection
{Hello Friend} Glitzers
{Yours Truly} Peek-A-Boos
{Love you Madly} Peek-A-Boos
{Uncharted Waters} Whatnots
{Love you Madly} Whatnots
{Yours Truly} Whatnots
{French Kiss} Whatnots
{Hello Friend} Layered Stickers
{Yours Truly} Layered Stickers
{Cashmere Dame} Rubber Stamps
{Love you Madly} Giant Roller Doodle Chevron
I used different embellishments to decorate the photo.
The roses were part of the stickers.
“Hello Handsome” and “Hello beautiful” words were stamped.
I stamped the chevron pattern on a separate sheet of paper.
Then I cut it out and used it as embellishment.
My second layout is not my usual color combination but I love the
Stripe” pattern paper from “Uncharted Waters” collection
and I decided to use it as a base for my layout.
{Uncharted Waters} Paper Collection
{Hello Friend} Paper Collection
{Yours Truly} Paper Collection
{Color Me Happy} Paper Collection
{Hello Friend} Rubber Stamps
{Yours Truly} Paper Collection
{Cashmere Dame} Title Stickers
{Hello Friend} Layered Stickers
{Beautiful Dreamer} Glitzers
{Uncharted Waters} Peek-A-Boos
{Color Me Happy} Giant Rhinestones
The butterflies were stamped and cut out.
The “awesome” word was cut from one of the stickers.
The phrase “You can never have too much happy” is part of
the “Chalkboard” pattern paper (Color Me Happy) collection.
It was cut out carefully and then separated in parts so I can decorate
part of the hand-stitched circle.
I also fussy cut flourishes from the pattern paper.
Thank you so much for visiting us today!
Have a Glitzy Day!

5 thoughts on “Clusters of Old & New with Gerry Van Gent”

  1. These are great! I’m loving all the texture on the first one, and the photos on the second crack me up. Little girls love to vamp, don’t they?

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