Introducing: Finnley + Giveaway

Hey there again, Glitz fans!  Welcome to our 2nd full reveal this weekend!!  We will share one more reveal today, & then the last two tomorrow!

Of course, we will be giving away one complete Finnley collection to one lucky comment, so be sure to follow the instructions at the bottom of the post for all your chances to win!!

So, let’s get right to it!  Here is a look at the complete Finnley collection!
1glitzdesign finnley CP1721 glitzdesign Finnley AW1264 glitzdesign finnley BP0977 glitzdesign Finnley F1646 glitzdesign finnley F1653 glitzdesign Finnley F1660 glitzdesign Finnley F1677 glitzdesign Finnley F1684 glitzdesign Finnley F1691 glitzdesign finnley GR0878 glitzdesign finnley PP1707 glitzdesign finnley RD1028 glitzdesign finnley RD1073 glitzdesign finnley ST0823 glitzdesign finnley TA1233 glitzdesign finnley WN0922 glitzdesign finnley WT1165

Woodland animals… Feathers… Trendy colors… Triangles… Full of Whimsy…  The Finnley collection is full of love, & will be perfect for babies, relationships, & everything else in between!

As I said above….we will be giving away one FULL COLLECTION of Finnley to one winning comment!!  Below is a list of all the ways you can leave additional comments for extra chances to win!  Check it out!

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us your FAVE thing about Finnley.
2. Share this on your Facebook wall- comment with a link to it.
3. Write a blog post about Finnley – comment with a link to it.
4. Post your favorite Finnley piece to Instagram with the following hashtags: #glitzdesign, #finnley, #summercha2013, #scrapbooking, #papercrafting, #cardmaking – comment with a link.
5. Share this on your Twitter feed – comment with a link to it.

There you have it….FIVE (5) ways to possibly win the Finnley collection!! We can’t wait to hear what you think!  All winners of the new collections will be posted on July 25th…the last day of Summer CHA in Las Vegas!!

186 thoughts on “Introducing: Finnley + Giveaway”

  1. My favorite piece in the whole collection (and believe me, I have a lot of favorites here) is the triangle patterned paper – love the colors and trendy triangles! Finnley is awesome – thanks for he hance to win!

  2. Wow Wow Wow!!! Is all I can say. The cheveron roller is a must have. You say this collection can be used for everything and your right. My first impression was I could use this for Fall and right into Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win this fun collection.

  3. I am loving the triangular designs in this collection. So trendy right now. The giant rhinestones and stamps are my favorite individual pieces. The colors are absolutely divine also!

  4. I love this collection, I have recently come back to scraping after taking a 6 month long break, and I have found that I have a new layered style, this collection would be perfect for all my new ideas!

  5. Just one favorite ?? Quite impossible..but if I must choose one .. it would be the feather roller stamp . Love !!!

  6. I love the colors of this collection. The sticker sheet is probably my favorite part, but it is hard to choose!

  7. This is such a funky, fun & bright collection. The feather tiny roller doodle is possibly my fave, although the whole collection is awesome.

  8. I am not normally a woodland creatures kind of gal, but that deer head and antlers! LOVE! and the feathers, and the colors, adore this collection.

  9. I am totally in love with the alpha sheet! oh my golly cheese they are too cute for words. And the feather roller stamp …. adorable!

  10. Wow, this collection really is something else! I absolutely love what you did there – so fresh and new! I really can’t decide on just one favourite thing, but one of my faves is the feather roller stamp!

  11. I love love love all of it but mostly the deer, the colors, and the ombre effect on the letters and papers. LOVE IT! Thank you for the chance to win and I hope I do!

  12. Oh my gosh I love this combo of floral and animals. The feather roller stamp is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I love the motifs and geometrics plus the colors- you Glitz designers have it goin’ on !! I will be bringing all of your new lines to live at my house! I can’t wait!

  14. Oh my, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this collection! It makes my heart beat a little faster every time I see it. I love every last bit of it and I know I’ll be able to use it for so much!

    If you are going to force me (!) to choose my favourite bits, they are the title & accents sticker sheet, the what-nots, and the feather roller doodle. But I want it ALL! Thanks for the chance to win! x

  15. Love these colors and designs and the feathers on the roller doodle. SO CUTE! Your bits & pieces are so fun and I love the alpha in all the wonderful colors.

  16. Wow!!! I just love everything about this collection!!!! The colours are amazing, the cute motifs and especially the feathers and the triangle tape and paper…..I want it all :)

  17. I love the arrows and the animals. I’m a sucker for anything with owls. I like how there’s enough graphic images to with the florals to make this work for boy and girl pages.

  18. My favorite thing about Finley (besides the name) is the wonderful, billowy floral. It’s the perfect shade of red. And I’m so glad you repeated it throughout the collection in so many places: paper, alpha, giant rhinestones, die cuts (both bits & whatnots), & stickers! Thanks for designing a collection that is both fun and sophisticated at the same time

  19. My aboslutely favorite item is the yellow painted paper w/ the black dots! It looks like the mixed media stuff I see so much of on the blogs I read, but no mess involved!

  20. The feather roller doodle is to die for, so cute!! And the red alphas with the flower pattern – I need several sets of those, adorable… same for the red floral paper, it is so bright and happy and pretty I could use it on lots f cards and home decor not to mention LO!!

  21. I love this entire line, but the papers are my favorite, especially the back side of Neon. Then there’s the gemstones and the feather stamps. So awesome!

  22. Oh Wow love the feather roller doodle! The collection is amazing, really love the colours and woodland nature, can’t wait to play with this collection!

  23. This is beautiful, the colours are amazing and my favourite is the feather stamp. I just love feathers.

  24. I love this collection! The colors are fresh and the designs are so versatile. The combination of pretty embellishments and innovative paper design is a winner. Glitz has been my new favorite scrap company for the last few years and this line is one of the reasons why.
    The stamp sets are a great addition and love the roller doodles and rhinestones too.
    it all adds up to clean,fresh yet really pretty pages. Love it!

  25. I’m gonna die… more ombre!! I LOVE ombre! Very cute and fresh colors in this line! I want it all!!

  26. You guys are seriously knocking it out of the park with this CHA’s collections! This one is adorable, trendy and sophisticated all at once. I adore the roller stamps and stamps most of all, but love all of it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Love the feathers! Love the roller doodles! What fun papers and designs…..there’s a whole lota love in this collection!

  28. Finnley is fantastic! I love the fresh, modern feel of the line with the great color scheme and patterns…but my absolute fave thing about the collection is all the awesome deer stuff! Digging the deers!

  29. I love Finnley!! Awesome and different – must have. The little bits – love! And I already have a page in mind for the yellow drip paper with black polka dots on the bottom…oh, hurry to me, Finnley!

  30. It’s so hard just to pick one thing about this collection I love, it’s all so amazing! I’d have to say the mixture of geometric patterns with the almost ombre effect of some of the colors would be what caught my eye the most. Too adorable I must have it all!!!

  31. I totally want to design my kids’ play room around this line: the colors, the shapes & designs, the artsy details. It’s perfect!

  32. The color combination is just amazing! I love everything about this collection! The tiny roller doodle with feathers….OMG! But the papers are just fab, can’t just choose one so I choose all of them!

  33. I just love the dot paper with the yellow paint streaks. So unique and fresh looking… It’s the way I want my experiments with paint to look, but most of the time, those just end up being super messy.

  34. First, love that deer w/his antlers… it would be great for those cards, then the Bits and Pieces and the roller stamps are unique! Thanks 4 the chance.

  35. This collection is so cute! I love the mix of fresh colors with deeper colors, the cute graphic designs, & the deer motif!i always love your embellishments & alphas! Very cool!

  36. I adore the colors is in this collection! The clear (bubble) accent sticker is super unique and cool! Love it!

  37. I just love it! I can see this working for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere for Christmas! Ombre and neon in the same collection? Perfect!

  38. This collection is amazing…love the patterns, love the colors, love the roller doodles…oh heck, I love it all and can’t wait to get me some!! Thanks for the chance to win.

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