Introducing: Wild & Free + Giveaway

Hey, everyone!!  Welcome to our third & final reveal post today!  On the docket is our new collection, Wild & Free, which we’re hearing a lot of buzz about right now!  Tomorrow we will be back with the reveals of our two new holiday themed collections!

Of course, we will be giving away one complete Wild & Free collection to one lucky comment, so be sure to follow the instructions at the bottom of the post for all your chances to win!!

So, let’s get right to it!  Here is a look at the complete Wild & Free collection!
1glitzdesign wild&free CP1752 glitzdesign wild&free AW1295 glitzdesign wild&free BP0960 glitzdesign wild&free GR0861 glitzdesign wild&free RD1011 glitzdesign wild&free RD1066 glitzdesign wild&free RD1332 glitzdesign wild&free ST0816 glitzdesign wild&free TA1240 glitzdesign wild&free WF1578 glitzdesign wild&free WF1585 glitzdesign wild&free WF1592 glitzdesign wild&free WF1608 glitzdesign wild&free WF1615 glitzdesign wild&free WF1622 glitzdesign wild&free WN0915 glitzdesign wild&free WT1141

Watercolor… Ombre… Horses… Hearts… Carefree & dreamy colors… More triangles… and this just in, Dream Catchers.  Has a new trend been born?

As I said above….we will be giving away one FULL COLLECTION of Wild & Free to one winning comment!!  Below is a list of all the ways you can leave additional comments for extra chances to win!  Check it out!

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us your FAVE thing about Wild & Free.
2. Share this on your Facebook wall- comment with a link to it.
3. Write a blog post about Wild & Free – comment with a link to it.
4. Post your favorite Wild & Free piece to Instagram with the following hashtags: #glitzdesign, #wild&free, #summercha2013, #scrapbooking, #papercrafting, #cardmaking – comment with a link.
5. Share this on your Twitter feed – comment with a link to it.

There you have it….FIVE (5) ways to possibly win the Wild & Free collection!! We can’t wait to hear what you think!  All winners of the new collections will be posted on July 25th…the last day of Summer CHA in Las Vegas!!

218 thoughts on “Introducing: Wild & Free + Giveaway”

  1. I LOVE this line! Everything is so unique and amazing! The washi, must have. The gems are gorgeous. All of the patters and ombre is amazing…this line is one of my faves! Will need it all!

  2. Great stamp images! If my girls catch sight of this they will be begging me for the entire collection… for them!

  3. This collection reminds me of so many things I liked as a child – the colors, the horses, the native motifs. As a grown up I love those plus the watercolors, ombre, well, okay, all of it.

  4. I want this collection, plain and simple. :) Love it all! Esp the patterns and designs! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I love the watercolors, the multicolored hearts and arrows…this is my favorite collection of yours for this release, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one saying it’s their favorite!

  6. Oh my goodness! There is not a thing in this collection that I don’t love! My fave would have to be the rhinestones though…they are the cutest :)

  7. I love everything about this collection. The soft colors are beautiful and I have yet to find something that brings me back to my heritage. The feathers and horses I love and my favorite is the dream catcher. It’s perfect. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  8. I love the combo of arrows and hearts with the horses, can’t wait to to get this for my daughter Chelsea. I do love the big rhinestones they have always been my favorite….

  9. Loving the rhinestones! The whole collection is unique and such lovely designs. Love the stamp set too. Posting on Instagram now.

  10. Wow, love the accent sheet, the papers, the rollers – I have a 15 year old that is sometimes hard to find the right products to scrap her photos with – for personal reasons this line touched my heart and would be perfect.

  11. Oh the loveliness! So Many pretty things! I Think that my faves are hmmm….all of the BEAUTIFUL papers and the gorgeous rollerstamps! But really I want it ALL!

  12. Totally awesome collection. Love the many colors, design of the papers and how you included so many cool trends in just one collection. It’s a must have!

  13. Great collection with an awesome colour scheme!! One of my favourite parts of this collection is the alphabets & words sticker sheet – I love the fonts and colours!
    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  14. I love this collection the stamp set is my favorite thing. I love the colors the washi tape and beautiful papers too.

  15. I love those papers!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you :)
    Next September I will travel to OVEST US for vacation, I’m looking where to buy your awesome products, I love them all :)

  16. Such a wonderful collection!! Love the colors and the bold designs!!! The stamp sets awesome and I love those roller doodles.

  17. completely in love with this line. Love the bright colors and fun patterns. Especially love the sayings on the sticker sheet – perfect.

  18. I absolutely love love love this collection. The watercolor look is fabulous and I love the flare buttons and the rubber stamps and the fact that it has a horse thrown in here and there makes it so fabulous.

  19. absolutley LOVE this idea…..the horses for my friend when I scrapbook her and her Grandson…the dream catcher for my Granddaughter’s (I use to make dream catchers for my daughter’s rooms)…the hearts for her princess days…and the list goes on. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  20. All I can say is I hope you will manufacture enough to not sell out the first day- I would cry!! This is a must have!Love all of it but the combination of the two trends-equestrian and feathers adding a bit of a Native art is really novel!

  21. How much fun can a collection be. this is wonderful with those fabulous colors and designs. Love the alphas and word stickers. Great job designing this collection. Love it.

  22. Love the colors and pattern details of Wild & Free! Stunning! Sure would love to win this package. Shared on Facebook!

  23. I absolutely LOVE this collection! The colors are beautiful and the papers are gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  24. Those watercolor papers are irresistable! Also really like the grey paper w/ the arrows … and the other paper w/ the arrows …and the flair buttons,,, and the tiny prints,,,!

  25. Too much fun here. I’m loving
    all the feathers and the Tiny
    Roller Doodle Horse and washi
    Carla from Utah

  26. Wow this is an amazing collection, it’s got all of my favourites horses, feathers, chevrons & rainbow colours! Can add this one to my collection!

  27. Horses are my favorite but so hard to find in a fun, fresh look! Thanks and the dreamcatchers are sure to be a hit with me on my pages. I work with circles a lot and they open a whole can of creativity, LOL

  28. I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection!!! Love the colors and icons used. It’s almost like you asked me to describe my favorite colors and shapes then designed it.

  29. AMAZING! this new collection speaks to me because it reminds me so much of my daughter and her style and taste. I love the horses/dreamcatchers and color palette. YOU ALL DID SO AWESOME ON THIS LINE, she is getting ready to start college and this would be a great theme to scrap her freshman adventures. Thanks for all the inspiration ladies :)

  30. You girls totally rocked it out on these. Definitely my favorite Halloween collection so far and that Wild and Free is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. This collection is an absolute delight! Love all of it. My favorites being the roller stamps and stamps with everything else a very close second. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I LOVE everything about this collection. The mix of colors, the dream catcher, hearts, feathers, horses…Really reminds me of my daughter Melody. This is going to me my new favorite for sure.

  33. love this line. love everything about it. the colors, the hearts, the roller doodles and just everything…
    thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face

  34. Everything i love but if i had to choose just one it would have to be the title and stickers sheet!! i love it all!!

  35. Fun colors and paper designs! Love the large feather in the rubber stamp collection! I see all sorts of uses for this collection!

  36. Wild and Free is so adorable! My absolute favorites are the pattern papers and the washi tape…so love and have to have the heart paper and the heart tape! In life, if it has hearts on it…I’ve got to have it!! I heart hearts! Yay for Wild and Free!

  37. I have been looking for a collection like this for a long time. I run a summer enrichment day camp and this collection will be perfect when I scrap the pictures from our Native American/Pioneer unit. I’m also planning on using it for my daughter’s Girl Scout Wrangler camp and C.I.T. pictures. Thank you for this collection. I can stop searching now.

  38. I absolutely love the feathers and horses mixed with the sunset colors. It’ like you’re riding horseback through the arizona desert, so lovely and calming.

  39. wild and free is my favorite of the 3 lines. i love the colors and the embellishments. i will use this on so many different types of layouts. i can’t wait to get me hands on this!

  40. I’m always looking for products to scrap my photos of my beautiful horse, Sheba. This collection is perfect!

  41. This collection is so retro, it makes me want to get my 80′s photos out from the dusty photo boxes and go to town! I think my fave items are those that have the rainbow ombre effect down them. And the PP that has the paint running down it. That can be used for anything!

  42. Well how can you possibly decide on your favorite thing?! Horses, arrows, feathers and all in so pretty colors, totally in love! But I will choose the giant rubber doodle in Trbal I think it will be so versatile :)

  43. I love the awesome designs used in these collections! The colors, horses, owls, etc. would so love to have this!

  44. These papers are the best – bright colours with a drippy watercolour type design. I love this whole collection!

  45. I absolutely love this wild and free collection! The colors are so bright and vivid but not overpowering. I also love the way the are muted together. It just makes it so very beautiful that I can’t wait to get some of this collection for myself.

  46. This is one of my favourite new collections! I really like that it seems fresh when a lot of companies are offering the sam ething whil still staying on trend! The watercolours and horses will make it fabulous for scrapping pics of my daughter (or ME!)

  47. I LOVE This whole collection!! This is my absolute favorite of all the new product of ANY company this release!! There is just so much that appeals to me about this…the bohemian look, the colors, the patterns, it’s just perfect!

  48. Oh my goodness, this paper is to die for!! I would love to win this my aunt died about a year ago and every time I see a dream catcher I think of her that dream catcher paper would be a really sweet memory page of her. Totally gonna get this paper. Thanks so much for this chance to win!!! I shared it on my Facebook.

  49. I am so in love with this collection it makes me want to go ride a horse and play with watercolors!!! Cant wait to play with this one!! Great job!

  50. I love the bright colors in this collection, and how they pop against the white background. My favorites are the alpha stickers and the stamps!

  51. Love this– it epitomizes a certain funky, free spirit. The colors are great, modern, and fun and the designs are so versatile. I think these would not only be great for scrapping now, but for scrapping my growing up in the 80s and early 90s.

  52. I love the bright colors! As a Native American and volunteer children’s Archery Teacher, I am so happy to see both of these themes reflected in this new line! Thanks, Glitz!

  53. I am totally drooling over this new collection! It is ALL sooo good but my heart did wild things over those rhinestones when I saw them and of course the washi tape!! Oh what the heck – I oohed and ahhed over it all! Love Love Love!!

  54. I pretty much love everything about this collection! Its so me LOL..If I have to choose my favorite thing about this line, its the fun and bold patterns on all the papers..I need the whole collection!!!

  55. I truly love this whole collection. The colors-wow, the details-love, horses and dream catchers. The embellies. It’s a must have for me. You nailed this one.

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