Introducing: Hello December + Giveaway

Happy Sunday, Glitz fans!  Welcome to day 2 of our full collection reveals!  Today we have both of our holiday themed collections to share with you!

Of course, we will be giving away one complete Hello December collection to one lucky comment, so be sure to follow the instructions at the bottom of the post for all your chances to win!!

So, let’s get right to it!  Here is a look at the complete Hello December collection!
1glitzdesign hello december CP1738 glitzdesign hello december AW1271 glitzdesign hello december BP0946 glitzdesign hello december GR0847 glitzdesign hello december HD1431 glitzdesign hello december HD1448 glitzdesign hello december HD1455 glitzdesign hello december HD1462 glitzdesign hello december HD1479 glitzdesign hello december HD1486 glitzdesign hello december PP1493 glitzdesign hello december RD0991 glitzdesign hello december RD1042 glitzdesign hello december ST0809 glitzdesign hello december TA1219 glitzdesign hello december WN0892 glitzdesign hello december WT1110

Who else is realizing that woodgrain & Christmas is a match made in heaven?!!  Not to mention the addition of this rich yellow to the class Christmas colors is just making me swoon a little!

As I said above….we will be giving away one FULL COLLECTION of Hello December to one winning comment!!  Below is a list of all the ways you can leave additional comments for extra chances to win!  Check it out!

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us your FAVE thing about Hello December.
2. Share this on your Facebook wall- comment with a link to it.
3. Write a blog post about Hello December – comment with a link to it.
4. Post your favorite Hello December piece to Instagram with the following hashtags: #glitzdesign, #hellodecember, #summercha2013, #scrapbooking, #papercrafting, #cardmaking – comment with a link.
5. Share this on your Twitter feed – comment with a link to it.

There you have it….FIVE (5) ways to possibly win the Hello December collection!! We can’t wait to hear what you think!  All winners of the new collections will be posted on July 25th…the last day of Summer CHA in Las Vegas!!

163 thoughts on “Introducing: Hello December + Giveaway”

  1. Wow, this is so fabulous. What an interesting take on Christmas. I would really love to work with this line! Love the wood grain and the deer!!

  2. The rhinestones are definite favourites. Love the image of the car with the tree on top. So many lovely pieces. Definitely using this for December Daily 2013.

  3. My favorite thing about this collection is that so much of it can be used for cards and layouts in addition to Christmas. Very versatile!

  4. Love it!! I love the fact that it is fresh and new. Unlike any other Christmas collection. This will be my only Christmas collection purchase this year!!

  5. Love the versatility, especially all the smaller pieces that can be used on cards. Also the awesome multi-colored chevron stripe paper

  6. What a unique and fun Christmas line!! I think my favourite things about this line are the woodgrain and the pops of yellow! It makes me smile :D

  7. Very cool holiday collection! Love the paper with the floral and the woodgrain, those were my favorites and they happen to be on the same sheet!

  8. the mini doodler and the whatnots ! Really like that there are patterns I can use for non Christmas pages too. Perfect for December Daily.

  9. Love how Glitz Design gives a new spin on Christmas, just with a little hint of traditional. Will make using this collection a nice change. Bring on the giant rhinestones!

  10. I have to admit the wood grain combination papers are awesome, would have to get 2 of each so I could have enough to use both sides. Also love the tiny roller with the deer, that’s adorable!

  11. This is an amazing collection for Christmas and the holiday season! I especially love the woodgrain papers and those fabulous epoxy brads!

  12. Love this collection .. though I’m pretty sure I have said that about all of the new releases! I am totally adoring the Bits and Pieces part of this collection — just perfect for the holiday season :)

  13. Oh gosh, I adore this collection too! I love the giant rhinestones (will be buying several packs of those) and the wood stamps, and the deer roller doodle. But most of all I love that it features so much yellow – yellow is one of my most favourite colours to craft with so I’m super excited to have it in a Christmas collection!

    Thanks for the chance to win! x

  14. Do I have to choose just one thing? I like EVERYTHING about the collection!!! If I had to choose, it would be the YELLOW color for Christmas and the Washi tape! Then, there’s the patterns on the paper, the doodle rollers, the accents, the whatnots…Oh, I just can’t choose!!! :) I love it all!!!

  15. I shared on FB, but don’t know how to prove it–I’m technolgically behind the times, to say the least…

  16. I am LOVING this collection–most of it is pinned to my Pinterest board and it’s quickly becoming one of my absolute faves of this CHA release!!! TFS!!!

  17. I’m in love with the deer and the roller stamps!! I love the colors and patterns – such a great Christmas line!!

  18. This is definitely an original Christmas line due to the mustard accents which make it very lighthearted! I like the reindeer roller stamp the best!

  19. Such a great Glitz take on Christmas! I love the graphic designs and awesome colors. The die cuts are fabulous.

  20. I absolutely love this whole collection. Pretty sure it is the collection I will be using it for my December daily this year.

  21. Oh I’m really liking
    the deer here. And the
    Tiny Roller Doodle with
    the deer is too cute!
    Carla from Utah

  22. Love the colour scheme for Christmas!!! It’s like a woods Christmas pallet! I must have I think for Christmas

  23. Beautiful collection, the sticker sheets looks great and the stamps. Can’t wait to get hold of some of this collection.

  24. I think Hello December is the chicest Christmas collection I’ve ever seen! Love the tiny deer roller doodle stamp and the rubber stamp set and the bits and pieces, those are my favorites but really I love everything so much! Well done Glitz!

  25. This line is fabulous! I love how different it is and the use of the yellow. I have not seen a holiday line like this and that is awesome! GREAT release!

  26. Such fun, fresh colors and designs! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and all my photos would love great scrappped with this collection!!

  27. I especially like the red woodgrain paper (very unique), the stamp of the car toting the tree (never seen that before) and the floral roller!

  28. The shade of yellow in this collection is amazing. Very different. Love the PP with the big, bold patterns on them, and the washi tape! The giant roller of the flowers is really cool too, that can be used for anything and everything.

  29. I love the paper with the flowers and the cardinals mixed in, my favorite pattern. The car with the tree is a cute accent too. Great collection, I haven’t seen anything else like it. :)

  30. I just Love the “Roller Doodle’s”!! & ALL of the Embellishments & The Washi Tape!!!! Such a Fun Collection!!

  31. I love the florals in this Christmas line! The colors & designs are beautiful & the floral detail adds such a romantic touch!

  32. Finally a great Christmas set without snow flakes, snowmen and sleighs. The colours are warm and bright just like an Australian summer Christmas. Yay, something foe everyone….

  33. What a totally perfect combination of Kraft color, cream color, and white into these December traditions. I can’t wait to get my years back photos scrapbooked so contemporary looking for today’s art.

  34. I really LOVE that this is a December/Christmas collection that is not winter themed. Living in Australia it is often difficult to find papers to scrap our Christmas celebrations with. This would be fabulous, however, especially for some Christmas Eve pictures I have from last year…we had a picnic by a wooded creek. I am in heaven, thank you Glitz!

  35. I love the colors of this collection, it’s not expected and it’s really beautiful! Yellow is my favorite color and I’m excited to see it used so successfully in this holiday collection! I love everything about it!

  36. What’s not to LOVE in this collection! The colour combinations are so wonderful; not the typical green and red you get for christmas along with gold and silver or it’s always winter themed which I think should be for January.

  37. Love all of this collection. Very neat and colors and style. Favorite thing are the gems and washi tape!!!!!

  38. Such a great Christmas collection– it has more uses than just Christnas, too, which I appreciate! It’s not juvenile, or too themed but has a cool, hip vibe with those graphic patterns and great colors. I really love the tones of red & green used as well.

  39. This is a great new way of using unique colors and a hint of vintage to put a wonderful twist on the “traditional” Christmas! Great job!

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