Hey Everyone!! I was so excited when I received our NEW CHA Paper that I couldn’t even wait to get out of my car to start filming to show you all!!! It’s so much better IRL! I got so dang excited…I decided to do a GIVEAWAY! Watch video to see what it is!! Leave a comment to win! We’ll choose the winner on Tuesday July 8th! ***Disclaimer: Please bare in mind that I’m in my garage in my car in AZ 112 degrees! The excitement and heat may have gone to my head!!

OH and we’ve also been so crazy getting ready to leave to CHA CHICAGO(check back for more pics on this!) that we decided to have a Manic MONDAY July 7th! Meaning… the Glitz SPY Girlz are going to find 6 more contestants to enter for the grand prize of $500 worth of products and have the project displayed in our Glitz Booth at CHA Chicago!! So if you haven’t already…leave us a comment leading us to your Glitz project!! Thank you to everyone for your kind emails and comments showing us your excitement for Glitz…and using our products! We love it!

***We are going to let all of YOU help vote for your favorite Glitz Spy Girlz pick next week! So check back and vote to help the Glitz SPY Girlz choose a winner!! Please spread the word! Thank you!! ***I can’t get the video to show up for some to view the video click on link below that says CHA Summer 08 Paper Sneak Peek.I apologize.

CHA Summer 08 Paper Sneak Peek! from Glitz Design on Vimeo.

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